Corporate / Commercial Prices

Corporate / Commercial prices are catered to each organizations particular needs including session time, number of files, set-up costs, and the channel the files will be used.

Corporate Session Fees

Up to 2 Hours

  • Great for:
  • individual headshots
  • small teams
  • residential real-estate


Up to 4 hours

  • Great for:
  • medium - large teams
  • products / apparatus
  • commercial real-estate


up to 8 hours

  • Great for:
  • large-scale projects
  • commercial / manufacturing


Digital Files

Files that are color corrected, retouched, and enhanced delivered in high-res. Use these files for digital and print marketing materials. Not for resale.

$65 / file | three for $175

Special Assignments

Large scale projects that may include numerous files, large set-up costs, multiple day sessions, etc. High-res files included.

$500 and up

We handle full copyright projects on a case by case basis