Photography stared as a bit of an accident for me. It started after I broke my hand Memorial Day weekend after my freshman year of college.  My summer plans of golf and lake activities was pretty much shot after surgery and I badly needed a new hobby to keep me occupied so I picked up my dad's old 35 mm camera for the first time.

When I returned to Michigan State University the following fall, I quickly changed my major from Criminal Justice to Digital Media Art. I also got a job with MSU Sports Broadcasting working as a field level videographer at multiple sporting events.
I spent summers working for a studio of a well-respected photographer.  I learned everything I could from him over the next 3 years until he offered me a full-time position.  I continued to work there for another couple of years before I branched out on my own.  I still continue to talk with this photographer as I built a great friendship with him during my time there.
Since then I have moved from Michigan to Colorado and re-established my business while working in higher ed helping them with their marketing, photography, and videography.  
My wife, Kelly, has been with me since the beginning and helping me with sessions, weddings, and the custom graphic design. 
We have been photographing weddings together for over a decade and continue to learn every day and enjoy helping people preserve memories for the rest of their lives.
In our spare time, we enjoy playing golf, skiing, rooting for our Spartans, and hanging out with our wiener dog, Leo and doberman, Breslin.
- Travis J Tomlin

Our mission is to create a custom experience for our clients. 
We believe in providing sessions that portray each client individually and not having "go to" backgrounds and poses. We want to capture the uniqueness of every individual.
We believe in providing products that will last a lifetime and are easy to display in a unique fashion. 
We want to help create and preserve memories that clients can cherish for years to come.