We have found that having set packages is difficult because every family and couple has different priorities.  All of our wedding packages are custom built and start at $2200 for full day coverage with 2 photographers and a license for the high res files taken on the wedding day. Prints, albums and fine art pieces can be added from there to complete your package.

Although the license allows you to print as many pictures as large as you want, our recommendation is to order a couple of larger prints that you want on the walls of your home from us.  We will retouch these files by hand and ensure that the color and density of the files is perfect and coordinate with the lab to give you the highest quality print available.

Don't you want to only pay for you favorite images?

As digital files are growing more popular, we are currently developing more of these options into our price list. Traditionally, digital files have cost clients much more than sessions and prints. We are working on ways to minimize these costs by giving a set number of files, as oppose to charging you for the entire set of files.

We are also currently working with creating a partnership with our lab that will allow us to sell files to you in an album that you can download or upload straight to a section of our lab dedicated to providing quality prints at a consumer pricing model. By having access to the same lab that I would print from, it ensures that you can print on your own at near the same quality that you would expect from the family of products we offer.

Our favorite part of photography is seeing the final product. After 10 years, I still get extremely excited when new prints come in and I get to open that box and say to myself, "WOW, they look so much better than they do on a computer screen." I love sharing this excitement with our clients and it is a lot of fun to know that my images are actually displayed in my client's home.

This final product comes at an expense of many hours of work in post-production and also time spent on perfecting lab processes. We hope that these prints are looked at like an investment like any other piece of artwork that would decorate your home and our honored that you have trusted us with helping you decorate. 

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